Speedtest Releases A Monthly Internet Speed Leaderboard

Speedtest Global Index
Photo from Speedtest.net

Speedtest.net is one of the most popular online tools for people to measure their Internet speed and bandwidth. Every day, millions of users around the globe use this tool from their web browsers, mobile devices, and even smart TVs. Now, Speedtest launches an internet speed leaderboard that will be updated monthly, called Speedtest Global Index.

The Global Index takes data from the Internet speed tests in the specific month. According to Speedtest, they have over six thousand servers in more than 190 different countries. This huge, comprehensive infrastructure can ensure people’s ability to test their Internet using a local server. It therefore prevent inaccurate speed test results, when connecting cross-country servers.

A country’s ranking will only be included in the Speedtest Global Index, if it has got over 3,333 unique user results and over 670 unique user results for broadband and mobile network respectively. The rankings are determined by the country’s average Internet download speed. If you click an individual country’s name in the list, both its download and upload speeds, as well as a chart will be displayed to show the trend/improvement.

Currently, rankings in July 2017 is released. For mobile, Norway is at the top with a download speed of 52.29 Mbps. United States is at 46 with 23.05 Mbps. For broadband, Singapore puts itself to the top with a speed of 154.38 Mbps, which is also forth in mobile. United States comes in at 9 with 70.75 Mbps.

Source from Speedtest.

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