EVGA Will Store Their Motherboards’ Drivers in A USB Flash Drive

EVGA Motherboard USB
Screen Capture from Twitter (@EVGA_JacobF)

It has been years since every PC components and peripherals manufacturer stores their products’ drivers into a DVD. However, it seems to become a trend that people not installing optical disk drive anymore, including a bunch of PC cases omitting the 5.25″ drive bays all together. Some companies start adding an additional QR code for users to download the drivers online, but there is always a DVD inside the motherboard package. Now, EVGA is going to change this.

Jacob Freeman, EVGA’s Global Product Management Director, announced on Twitter recently that there will be no more driver DVDs in EVGA’s motherboards. A USB flash drive will store all the required software instead. The USB will come with all future motherboard models, including the H370-based one.

The included USB flash drive is small and has an EVGA branding on top. It will have a capacity of 8 GB and is confirmed to be USB 2.0. Just like any other USBs, it is re-writable and can be re-purposed if you desire. According to Jacob Freeman, storing the drivers inside a USB 2.0 flash drive will cost twenty times more than a traditional DVD.

Personally, I appreciate EVGA’s move towards a easier and more convenient user experience. A USB flash drive is more useful than a DVD after the initial driver installation. Let’s hope more motherboard manufacturers would incorporate this in the future.


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