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Newegg Black Friday 2021

Newegg Black Friday 2021 Deals

Newegg US has started its large Black Friday 2021 promotion event from November 22 to November 27. There are over 50 pages of products...

Building A 12-Core, 24-Thread System for $300 USD (Pt. 2) – Performance

We had built a $300 USD system with 12 cores and 24 threads with refurbished server hardware. You can read part 1 to see...

How to Update Your Motherboard BIOS

BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is the firmware for all the hardware inside your computer to initialize/boot up correctly. Keeping the motherboard BIOS up-to-date is...

PCI-Express 6.0 Published Version 0.5 Draft, Hitting Important Milestone

While PCIe 4.0 starting to hit the mainstream consumer market with AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen processors and X570 motherboards, the future PCIe 6.0 standard...

Building A 12-Core, 24-Thread System for $300 USD (Pt. 1) – Components Selection

Computer hardware in the commercial/enterprise sector is always a couple generations ahead than those in the consumer market. Technologies, like multi-channel memory, higher core-count...

AMD AM4 Motherboards Before X570 Will Not Support PCIe 4.0

Before the launch of the 3rd Generation Ryzen processors and X570 motherboards, AMD suggested older AM4 motherboards can receive a BIOS update to enable...

Unboxing and Review of MSI B350M GAMING PRO Motherboard

The MSI B350M GAMING PRO Motherboard uses the AMD B350 chipset, which can support the new Rzyen APUs (Raven Ridge) with Vega-based integrated GPU. It...

EVGA Will Store Their Motherboards’ Drivers in A USB Flash Drive

It has been years since every PC components and peripherals manufacturer stores their products' drivers into a DVD. However, it seems to become a...

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