M.2 Form Factor

M.2 SSD Form Factor Explained

In recent years, the more compact M.2 form factor solid-state drives have taken over the traditional 2.5-inch in the market for high-performance storage. M.2, previously called Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF), is designed to...
Online Account Security

Best Practices to Improve Online Account Security

As Internet becomes more widespread and essential to our daily life, websites/services can contain tons of our personal information and credentials. It is increasingly important to ensure all your online accounts are secured enough...
MBR and GPT Partition Table

MBR vs GPT – Partition Table Explained

When you plug in a newly-purchased HDD or SDD to the computer, the operating system will often ask you to initialize the disk. Have you ever wondered what the differences between MBR and GPT?...

Universal Flash Storage (UFS) Explained

What is UFS? UFS or Universal Flash Storage is a newer flash memory specification, with the intention to replace the slower eMMC (embedded MultiMedia Card) standard. It is designed by JEDEC, and was first...
The 3-2-1 Backup Strategy

The 3-2-1 Backup Strategy Explained

Data backup is extremely important for everyone, especially when we keep almost everything digitally in this age. Whether it is a hard drive or solid-state drive, accidental damages and malfunctions are hard to prevent....
Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Why You Need A VPN Service

In this day and age, almost all information are transmitted and obtained through the World Wide Web. Online privacy and security become increasingly important to keep your personal data safe. Using a VPN is...

Are Computers Truly Multitask?

Have you ever thought that how your computers/processors be able to handle all the tasks given to them? You can open a lot of browser tabs, multiple programs, and watching YouTube videos all at...
USB Standards (Universal Serial Bus)

USB Standards (Universal Serial Bus) Explained

Universal Serial Bus or USB has become the most widely-adapted industry standard over the past couple decades, since its first release in 1996. USB is constantly being updated and maintained by the USB Implementers...

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