Apple Will No Longer Support 32-bit Applications on Future macOS Versions

Apple Removes Support for 32-bit Apps on macOS
Screen Capture from Apple

Since the launch of the iPhone 5s in 2013 and its A7 SoC (the first 64-bit mobile processor), Apple is pushing both in hardware and software level to move forward to full 64-bit environment. In iOS 11, only 64-bit applications are able to run. Older 32-bit iOS apps will not work anymore, unless they update. Now, Apple is also starting to phase out 32-bit apps in macOS.

Apple released the latest developer beta for macOS 10.3.4 High Sierra recently. A new pop-up message will show up, when users are trying to download a 32-bit app from the Mac App Store. Similar to what iOS 10 did, the system will warn users if their apps are updated to 64-bit, but will still allow the apps to run. Moreover, after January 2018, Apple only approves macOS apps that have full 64-bit support to the Mac App Store.

As all Mac computers, that are manufactured in recent years, are equipped with Intel 64-bit processors, there will not have any hardware limitation for Apple to push forward to complete 64-bit operating environment. We will have to wait and see if the official release of macOS 10.3.4 will still support running 32-bit apps.

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