How to Take A Screenshot on Your iPhone or Android Smartphones

Want to share what you see on the phone with friends, by taking a screenshot? But smartphones nowadays generally do not come with a thick user manual. Which buttons or settings do you need...

How to Make Google Chrome on Android Suitable for One-Handed Use

Update: In the latest Google Chrome update, this setting is removed from the "chrome://flags" options. You can no longer put the address bar to the bottom of the screen. (April 2018) Popular/Flagship smartphones nowadays are...

How to Speed Up Your Android Devices Without Installing Anything

Unlike Apple's iOS mobile operating system, Google's Android OS is well-known for flexibility and its ability to customize freely. You can root your phone and load a custom ROM, like Resurrection Remix and LineageOS....

How to Manually Install Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

On 17 October, Microsoft finally officially released the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to the public. It brings quite a lot of new useful features and tweaks to the system. Microsoft is aiming to...

How to Install Google Pixel 2 Launcher to Your Android Phones

Not too long ago, Google finally released their next generation Pixel smartphone.Along with the new hardware, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL both get an redesigned home screen/launcher. In fact, the Pixel 2...

How to Hard Reset Apple iPhone 8 And iPhone 8 Plus

Although Apple's iOS operating system has been praised for its better overall software stability, it is inevitable for users to encounter some situations that hard reset is needed. In recent versions of iOS, relatively...

How to Fast Charge Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X

Update: Apple still does not include a fast charger inside the new iPhone XS, and XS Max. Apple's 29W adapter has updated to 30W. Back when Apple launched their major overhauled design (a larger display)...

How to Watch Google’s Event Live Stream on 4 October

Google has already announced their October event last week using a YouTube video. We can expect to see the new generation Pixel 2 smartphones and a rumored Pixelbook (a two-in-one chromebook). Like most of...

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