How to Use Split-Screen on Your Android 9.0 Pie Devices

On 6 August, Google finally released the latest Android 9.0 Pie operating system to the Pixel devices after four developer betas. It contains one of the largest visual changes in recent years, since the...

How to Mirror Your Boot Device in FreeNAS 11 (TrueNAS)

It is common to run the operating system on a simple USB flash drive for a FreeNAS/TrueNAS machine. The biggest advantage of using a USB as the boot device is saving an additional SATA...
Android Devices Private DNS

How to Enable Private DNS on Android Devices

DNS (Domain Name System) plays a vital part in the network infrastructure, that is responsible for translating domain names (e.g. into IP addresses. Devices will then use the information to route the data...

How to Set Up Windows Hello on Windows 10

Windows Hello is the included biometrics security feature introduced alongside Windows 10 in 2015. It allows users to use facial or fingerprint recognition to login to Windows. You can unlock your computer almost instantly without...
Apple macOS Finder App Default Sorting

How to Change Default Sorting for Finder App in macOS

In macOS, you can set the default sorting behaviour for the Finder App, so that you do not need to manually change it for every folder in the system. (adsbygoogle...

How to Take A Screenshot on Your iPhone or Android Smartphones

Want to share what you see on the phone with friends, by taking a screenshot? But smartphones nowadays generally do not come with a thick user manual. Which buttons or settings do you need...

How to Update Your Motherboard BIOS

BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is the firmware for all the hardware inside your computer to initialize/boot up correctly. Keeping the motherboard BIOS up-to-date is incredibly important for a stable system. Sometimes, especially with newer...

How to Install macOS 12 Monterey Public Beta

In WWDC 2021, Apple unveiled the latest macOS iteration to their developers. The new macOS 12 Monterey contains some improvements to the Safari web browser, FaceTime, AirPlay and more. The final build is expected...

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