How to Install TrueNAS CORE 12

FreeNAS has long been one of the most well-regarded and popular open source operating system for network-attached storage (NAS) machine. In March 2020, iXsystems announced to combine FreeNAS and TrueNAS under the same name....

How to Mirror Your Boot Device in FreeNAS 11 (TrueNAS)

It is common to run the operating system on a simple USB flash drive for a FreeNAS/TrueNAS machine. The biggest advantage of using a USB as the boot device is saving an additional SATA...

5 Helpful Tips for Troubleshooting PC Hardware

It is not always smooth sailing when you try to assemble a computer. There are different ways to mess things up, whether they are from you or the manufacturers. It is crucial to stay...

5 Important Tips for First-time DIY PC Builders

With the number of PC components and brands available in the market, it can be extremely confusing for first-time PC builders to figure out all the necessary techniques and details. Below are five useful...

How to Make File Explorer Open “This PC” by Default in Windows 10

In Windows 10, whenever you open File Explorer, the Quick Access section will be shown, instead of This PC. It will show your frequently-used files and folder, but it takes an extra step if...

How to Stop Applications from Launching at Startup in Windows 10

Sometimes, applications in Windows are defaulted to run at startup automatically after installation. It may not be a huge problem at first, but they will drastically increase your boot-up time and reduce system responsiveness,...

How to Change YouTube Double-Tap to Seek Time Settings

In YouTube's mobile app, there is a very helpful gesture, which allows users to double-tap the edge of the screen to skip or reverse a short portion of a video. By default, double-tapping once...
Microsoft Windows Diskpart Command

How to Format Your Drive with DiskPart Command in Windows

Sometimes, storage devices will stop functioning normally, due to incorrectly-configured partition, data corruption or more. It is common to see this problem in Windows, especially with USB flash drives, SD cards and portable hard...

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